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Absolutely No Adventures is a fantasy (un)adventure story that follows Sig, the owner of Signature Eats bakery, as he aggressively avoids becoming embroiled in any daring quests or chosen one shenanigans even though the universe really seems to want him to do just that. This is a story about cutting Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey off at the knees to chill with friends and staying far, far away from the slightest whiff of adventure. And also baking. This is also a story about baking.

Cast and Crew

Main CastWes Haas as SigWes Haas is a non-binary (he/him, they/them) Minnesota based voice actor. They’ve been acting since they could walk, but only discovered voice acting once they were in college. Wes loves anime, video games, D&D, and saying things he thinks would fit. You can hear him as Chaz in The Lost Delinquents of Rollings High, Eris in In Blood, Dominic in Arsen, Vinny in The Adventures of Bluke Bifton, and more!Karsten Otto as HappyKarsten Otto is a ghost of the downtown NY theater scene and couldn’t be happier (gottem) to be a part of Absolutely No Adventures. You can hear him speak words in other podcasts such as New World Sonata and Roommate from Hell. Also, if you happen to live around Brooklyn, be on the lookout for his upcoming play- Karaoke Rex, a Grecian romp about the discovery of karaoke later this spring. His short film, 'metalero', will also premiere this summer. You can follow updates on his website, www.karstenotto.com, or on Instagram, @kotto_, depending on your relationship to the internet. Protect Trans/ Non-binary Kids.Sarah Ruth Thomas as BeaSarah Thomas is a full time voice actor and singer based in Texas. Growing up in community theater, Sarah has been a giant ham. After graduating from college with a degree in Opera Performance, she began her voice acting career in late 2017 and hit the ground running. Her voice can be heard in educational content, audio books, radio and television commercials, video games, original animations, and more. When she isn’t acting or singing, she’s outside hiking up mountains and rafting down rivers, always accompanied by her corgi.Guest CastBriar Zachary as Lady IsadoraBriar Zachary (they/them) is delighted to be making their podcast debut with Absolutely No Adventures. They’ve recently starred in Girls’ Sugar as yet another British wlw. They have two dogs and enjoy long walks along the beach at sunset.Andrew Oakes as Oliver and TimorAndrew Oakes, sometimes known as Oakesy, is an actor and voice actor from the South East of England. When not on stage or behind the mic, you'll often find him brewing tea and making ramen for anyone who'll let him.In 2015, after being trained in acting at Mountview Academy in London, Andrew began his professional career. In between touring theatre and Christmas shows, he found enjoyment filling the times between playing around behind an old microphone collecting dust back home.Since then, Andrew has appeared in 'A Foretold Affair', 'The Struggle for Catalonia', 'Kyseran: The Madlands', and more; exploring a great breadth of voice over's staples, from games, dramas and audiobooks. Tucked away in his rural corner of old Blighty, he can't believe he has the chance to bring his voice to so many wonderful projects and characters, striving to evoke the same wonder he found listening to audiobook cassettes and video games of his childhood.Demitra Papadinis as TerriDemi has over three decades' experience as a theatrical director, producer, dramaturg, and performer. An ardent First Folio enthusiast, she is an expert in staging Elizabethan and Jacobean plays using "original practices," an approach which strives to recreate both the performance environment and the creative working process of the early modern playhouse. She is the editor of the Renaissance Acting Editions, and of the Frankly Annotated First Folio series published by McFarland. She has appeared in many films both large and small and recently starred in Daniel Groom's sci-fi thriller "Alternate Ground." She is also an award-winning screenwriter, and her short films have shown at festivals around the globe. Last year, she directed Carl B. Clark's comedy short "Home Invasion" and is currently directing Rosa Nagle's horror short "Viola." In addition, she can sometimes be seen looking quite alluring in a bonnet and apron while dressed as a demure Puritan damsel and guiding tours in Salem, MA. When not immersed in the world of stage and screen, she can be found cleaning up what comes out of either end of a cat.Nina Nikolic as LuxeNina Nikolic, known online as Kid Kerrigan, is a voice actress and partnered Twitch streamer from Melbourne, Australia. You'll most likely catch her live on Twitch playing a variety of games from action/adventure to MMORPGs.Having paved her way through community management and marketing in the games industry since 2011, she began streaming on Twitch in 2014 and has since made content creation her primary focus as of 2018. Since 2019, she has also been lending her voice talent to games, audio dramas and apps. You can most prominently hear her as the voice of Wayward in the space comedy drama CICADA 3000 and Scientist in The Walking Fish 2: Final Frontier.You may have seen her face on the Blizzard launcher for Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch, front page of Twitch in Australia and New Zealand, or featuring in the StreamElements tutorial series. Her goofy sense of humour and inclusive spirit has nurtured an incredibly diverse and tight knit community.Sarah Griffin as Queen MarigoldNative to Louisville, KY, Sarah took their Masters at RCSSD as a Fulbright Scholar, during which they trained at the Moscow Arts Theatre and developed work with the International Clown Research Project. Actor, comic, clown, voice over artist and theatre maker, they won the BroadwayWorld Sydney 2018 awards for Best Actress (Portia/ The Merchant of Venice) and Best Supporting Actress (Francis Flute/ A Midsummer Night’s Dream). They were a member of the award winning ensemble for the National Arts Service’s “The Winning Crowd” and developed work with the Les Enfants Terribles award-winning SharkLegs Theatre. They have been a visiting lecturer for Ithaca College, South-Hampton Solent, Royal Holloway and the University of Macedonia. Hobbies include fire-breathing, crochet and incongruity."Georgia McCall as AnaGeorgia McCall is an actress from the South East of England. After graduating with a degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Southampton, she decided to take a huge career U-turn and follow her passion in acting. She has since trained at the Identity School of Acting and appeared in several film projects, and is absolutely thrilled to be making her audio debut in Absolutely No Adventures. When Georgia isn't acting, you'll often find her painting, reading sci-fi, gaming, or hitting up the gym.Kaylie Horowitz as ParkerKaylie Horowitz (she/they) is an actor and voice actor hailing from central Florida. She holds a BFA in Performance and is currently a co-host on The Liberal Artists Podcast. As a long time fan of ANA, they are excited to join the cast for this super special episode! Kaylie is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University at Buffalo, and she is highly interested in animation, video games, and memes as they relate to performance and storytelling.Sumara Meers as BaleficSumara is an Australian voice actress. With a background in theatre, she's been acting most of her life. In 2018, she discovered the wonders of home studios and online voiceover work - a miracle for a gal living in a teensy town in country NSW. When Sumara's feeling nerdy, she just loves narrating complicated pharmaceutical eLearning, and when she's feeling fun she throws herself into characters like psychopathic cult leaders, mad queens, bratty teenagers and adorable children. It's a good mix for a weirdo like her.CrewDestiny Howell - Writer and DirectorDestiny is an MFA student at the University of South Florida who doesn’t understand what constitutes a reasonable amount of side projects. Destiny is the writer and director of Absolutely No Adventures and, in increasing order of relevance, a former lawyer, a recovering English major, and a huge fan of all things Fantasy. Her debut novel, "High Score" released on June 28, 2022. Check out her other projects at destinyhowell.com.Audiohm Media - Editor and ProducerAudiohm Media is a boutique podcast production company with a focus on immersive storytelling. Audiohm not only produces their own serialized audio dramas, but helps others creators turn their written story into an immersive audio adventure. For shows, or to work with Audiohm, head to AudiohmMedia.com@sunnyandme - ArtistHannah (better known as Sunny online) is an artist based in California, with a focus on digital illustration. She enjoys drawing anything from characters, to props, to fanart, and more! To get in touch, check out her portfolio, or just say hi, feel free to find her at any of her social media platforms under @sunnyandme!Laurence Owen - Theme ComposerLaurence Owen is a composer, sound designer and voice actor. His stage work includes composing and musical direction of Cat & Mouse (Village Underground), arrangement of songs by Richard Thomas (Jerry Springer: The Opera) for My Left Right Foot (National Theatre of Scotland), and sound design for 1927's Golem (Young Vic, Trafalgar Studios), for which he was nominated for a ProSound Award. He has co-written and performed five original musicals: Lullabies Of Pervland (2014), the Malcolm Hardee Award-winning Cinemusical (2015), Cinemusical High (2016), The Time Machine (2017), and Jekyll vs Hyde (2019), winner of the Wilton's Music Hall Fringe Foundations Award.Laurence is the co-founder of fiction podcast production company Long Cat Media, and the co-creator of the British Podcast Award-nominated series Mockery Manor.As a media composer and voice actor, his clients include the BBC, Disney, Toyota, O2, Stella Artois, Embraer, Sipsmith, ARTE, The Beano, Historic Royal Palaces and the V&A Museum. His film music credits include the Sundance Film Festival-selected White Morning, which earned him two award nominations at SoundTrack_Cologne Festival.

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What is Absolutely No Adventures?Absolutely No Adventures is a scripted fantasy un-adventure podcast that follows Sig, a baker whose Miraculously Portentous Birth makes him a target for people from all over looking for a chosen one for quests he could not be less interested in.Fantasy Adventure Tropes, Minus The AdventureAbsolutely No Adventures takes inspiration from classic fantasy tropes and stories and asks the question, what if the chosen hero decided to stay home instead? Each episode takes a common fantasy scenario and looks at it from the point of view of a protagonist that is less gung-ho than your typical gallant crusader. A funny, low-stakes show about serious, high stakes things (and also baking), this is a podcast from a writer who loves tropes as much as she likes messing with them.Release ScheduleAbsolutely No Adventures releases every two weeks on Wednesdays starting October 14th (National Dessert Day) and will have a ten episode first season.Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @noadventurespod
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Cast and Crew
Writer and Director: Destiny Howell
Editor and Producer: Audiohm Media
Cover Art: @sunnyandme_art
Intro Theme: Laurence Owen
Main Cast
Voice of Sig: Wes Haas
Voice of Happy: Karsten Otto
Voice of Bea: Sarah Ruth Thomas
Guest Cast
Voice of Lady Isadora: Briar Zachary
Voice of Oliver: Andrew Oakes
Voice of Terri: Demitra Papadinis
Voice of Luxe: Nina Nikolic
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